Pyramid Scheme


This compact inner city residence is the new home for clients who were looking to downsize from their large suburban house.


Working with Dorset Construction (the builder brothers/brothers-in-law of the client) the brief was to build a smaller home with ample personality for a family of four.

Tightly nestled into Wellington’s urban landscape of student flats and weathered villas, the Pyramid Scheme offers familiar forms in a contemporary composition. The 115 sqm floor area covers most of the 190 sqm site with two square boxes, pyramid hip roofs, black colour steel and macrocarpa bay windows.

Connected by a central sheltered courtyard, three internal levels provide a mezzanine lookout from the bedrooms down into the living, with generous light and sufficient privacy. Floor to ceiling sliding doors on the ground level open out to thread together the kitchen, living and courtyard, expanding the floor area during the summer months. And look mum, no posts!

Completed, 2016.
Residential, New Build.